Chipin & Kaiya

Musicians, Composers, Educators, Promoters, Producers & Authors


~ Chi-pin & Kai-ya not only brings Western jazz elements into Taiwanese original music, but also reflects their Taiwanese background on this unique Art form ~

Violinist Chi-pin Hsieh and Pianist Kai-ya Chang are two native Taiwanese who grew up with classical and pop music, they were all professional musicians working for records and studios before they were interested in jazz music, for exploring the broader musical world, eventually they made up their mind to study jazz in Europe, after five years study, they were all graduated with master's degrees from the Jazz Department of Royal Conservatory Brussels, Belgium, and went back to Taiwan in 2002 as two professional musicians and active educators.

Chi-pin & Kai-ya are definitely capable of various musical styles - Swing, Bop, Fusion, Funk, Tango, Contemporary and Latin music are all they like to perform, the repertoires they played in various local venues cover different jazz styles, include stylists and composers tributes, jazz classics and re-arrangements of fruitful subjects, they often perform in the duo format locally, but jazz quartet and quintet setting are also their frequent orchestrations.

Chi-pin and Kai-ya always consider themselves as serious Taiwanese jazz musicians, they are not only looking for new musical ideas , but also composing and developing those ideas into aspiring performances. The debut album "Impressions of Taiwan" is the extension of Taiwan New Jazz conception, by absorbing the atmosphere of phenomenal European jazz and the nature of traditional American jazz, Chi-pin & Kai-ya would like to add more "Taiwanese flavor" into their original music - Childhood memories, life scenes, local landscapes and customs, even tasty snacks were all integrated into their compositions and improvisations, which develop one kind of oriental pleasing jazz style. In March 2005, they represented Taiwan to perform in the Java International Jazz Festival in Jakarta. From 2007 to 2010, they performed and toured in Japan regularly. in November 2011, Chipin & Kaiya were invited to performed in Tel-Aviv, Israel, first time ever as the Taiwanese Jazz Group.

In the March of 2007, three years after the debut album, Chi-pin & Kai-ya went to Europe to record a brand new album "Mr. BeBu" with first class European & American jazz musician, it was released in August 2007 and became one of the most popular and best-selling jazz album of the year. In the December of 2009, the third album "Jazz Promenade" was released, it contains rearrangements of the classical music. And in the June of 2010, the latest album "Mimi Meimei" was published. Chi-pin also launch his first new book called "JAZZ DNA" in 2011, in the end of same year, Kai-ya release "Jazz Promenade 2" album and the first book "Music Is So Interesting: Vol.1 - Intervals" as well.

Besides, they keep active for performing, touring and being recognized as top jazz educators & instructors inTaiwan, furthermore they founded Taipei International Summer JazzAcademy & Festival since 2004, offer unique education opportunity for young jazz musicians & listeners, and connect Taiwan to the world by inviting numerous jazz masters for concert and teaching. TISJA now is the only international-level jazz educational institution in Taiwan & global Chinese world, and one of the biggest large-scale annual jazz academy in Asia.

Currently Chi-pin Hsieh & Kai-ya Chang both teach jazz music in the department of music of Shih-Chien University, Taipei, Ming Chuan University, Taipei.

In 2005, Chi-pin as the musical director, Kai-ya as the director of education, they founded
Taipei International Jazz Education & Promotion Association (TIJEPA) to organize annual jazz events and regular educational programs.

The international Jazz musicians that Chipin & Kaiya played with include John Ruocco, Rosario Giuliani, Judy Niemack, David Linx, Tutu Puoane, Fabien Degryse, Sal DiFusco, Joachim Schoenecker, Jean-Francois Prins, Bruno Castellucci, Mimi Verderame, Sebastian Kaptein, Bart De Nolf, D.D. Jackson, Lars Jansson, John Beasley, Bert Joris, David Smith, Steve Davis, John Allred, Alan Ferber, Seigo Matsunaga, Toshi Fujii...from USA, Europe & Asia.

The International Jazz Group that TIJEPA invited include Milan Svoboda & Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory Big Band, Element of the Moment, A.S.K. Trio, Mulique, Koyo Conservatory Alumni Quartet & Senzoku College of Music All-Star Sextet......just to name a few.

"Chipin & Kaiya's Jazzsite” ( ) is also the most professional and vivid jazz educational and promotional website in the Chinese speaking area. Since 2000 the jazzsite launched, there are already more than three hundred thousand visitors from Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Korea, etc, the contents still keep growing over last 10 years, and the website is well-known and authoritative. In the education field, they teach in the graduate school of music and music department of Shih-Chien Univerty, Ming Chuan University and organize Taipei International Summer Jazz Academy (TISJA) and related Festival that were first happened in Taiwan for reaching it's ninth year. Besides the TISJA and the Jazz Festival, they were invited to hold many well-acclaimed theme-based interactive lectures by National Chiang Kai Shek Cultural Center (National Concert Hall), Council for Cultural Affairs, Fubon Art Foundation, K.H.S. Music Co. and Music Center of Ministry of Education…etc. From 2006, they cooperated with Department of Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government to present 10 lectures of Jazz Music Appreciation in the intersection of spring and summer every year, and introduced the profound jazz music in simple terms by interactive humor. The ability to play, to write and to teach make them become one of the major force to spread jazz music, and bring more vitality to the jazz scene in Taiwan!